Facebook Event: 30-Day Real Food Challenge

For the month of May, I am challenging myself to eat nothing but REAL food, meaning no processed stuff. I hope you’ll join me! This challenge is FREE!

We will be following the rules in Michael Pollan’s book Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual. I’ll post a couple of the rules every day on our private Facebook group, but you can get your own copy at http://amzn.to/1k42M3Z for $5-6.

We will not be banning entire food groups during this challenge, nor will there be any calorie restrictions. This is not a diet. Our aim is simply to cut out the CRAP we are putting into our bodies. That means no processed food, food from a box, can, or fast food window. Anything with a package that has more than a couple of ingredients, or ingredients that you can’t pronounce or identify the source of, is processed. Fast food is processed. Sorry, no Diet Mountain Dew either. We will be eating lots of real, wholesome, natural, DELICIOUS food!

As a nurse, I know how hard it is to eat well when you are juggling work, family, kids, etc. Especially when you work 12-hour shifts or other odd hours, as I do. That is why I am putting together this challenge, so we can support each other!

We will have a private Facebook group for the challenge where we can offer support, recipes, ideas, etc.

Join us, you have nothing to lose but your addiction to processed food, maybe a little weight, and that feeling of being tired and weighed down by all the chemicals that you’ve been putting into your body.

Click here to join in on the challenge!

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