The message is there if you are ready to hear it.

I’ve been fighting a nasty cold for the past two days, and when I woke up this morning I wasn’t ready to get out of bed. I really wished I had my laptop in the bedroom, but decided that it was too cold to get out of bed and retrieve it from the office. I remembered that I had a book in my bedside table drawer, so I reached over and picked up “Ask and It Is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks. The book had been there for months, maybe even a year, and I had only read the first chapter. Although I have some Abraham-Hicks audiobooks that I have also listened to periodically, the message just never really clicked with me. I have preferred other books on the Law of Attraction over the Abraham-Hicks ones.

I picked up the book and turned straight to chapter 2, entitled “We Are Keeping Our Promise to You–We Are Reminding You of Who You Are”. My interest was piqued, and I imagined that “they” were speaking directly to me. (If you’ve never read any Abraham material, “they” is Abraham, which is supposed to be Source Energy, as channeled by Esther Hicks).

They say, “We write this book to reawaken within you your memory of the power and inevitable success that pulses through the core of that which you really are. We write this book to assist you in returning you to your place of optimism, positive expectation, and expanding joy; and to remind you that there is nothing that you cannot be, do, or have. We write this book because we promised you we would. And now, as you hold this book in your hands, you are completing a promise you made as well.”

I closed my eyes for a few minutes and focused on my breathing, feeling Source Energy flow through me. I focused on the idea that “they” (Abraham, Source Energy, whatever you choose to call it) is me, and I am them. I really do believe that I chose this life before I was born into it, and everything that has happened thus far have been part of the path that I chose. The broken hearts, the love lost, the addictions, the struggle… I cannot and will not regret one bit of it because it has brought me to this place.

Now, in the 42nd year of my life, I feel that I am awakening to my purpose. I am choosing joy now, I am remembering why I am here. Every day, however fleetingly, I feel inspired to follow my heart on this, and to help other people understand what I know from my years of seeking. I know that I am ready now for the second half of my life to be joyous, fulfilling, and productive.

This reminds me of a Daily Quote I got in my email the other day, also from Abraham-Hicks. (I highly recommend you subscribe…it’s free and very uplifting!) The quote was:

“Every single person on the planet and every single Consciousness in the Universe has the same experience of being here and having a desire to be there. In other words, it is the promise of this eternal Universe… You’re always, always, always going to be on your way to something more—always. And when you relax and accept that, and stop beating up on yourself for not being someplace that you’re not, and instead, start embracing where you are while you keep your eye on where you’re going—now life becomes really, really, really fun.”

In other words…we will always have unfulfilled desires. It’s human nature. We are never supposed to be fully satisfied, because if we were, we would stop evolving. Instead of thinking from a place of lack, we should be excited about the things that we want that we don’t have yet, because we know they are coming. If we can find joy where we are now, while we still look forward to the things we don’t have yet with excitement, we have learned a very valuable lesson. If we are constantly feeling sorry for ourselves because we don’t have our desires, then we will NEVER be happy because we will always, always want more than we have.

We must choose to be happy NOW!

Right now, I am sitting at my desk, looking out the window at today’s clear blue sky, watching the leafless trees sway in the breeze, and hearing my two young boys laughing and playing in the next room. I am grateful that I am not spending today at a soul-sucking job, and my children are not being brainwashed and oppressed in a classroom full of other bored, oppressed children. I am grateful for my health and my friends. This is a wonderful life that I have chosen, and I am excited for my future.

Thank you for reading! Make a list of the things you are grateful for today!

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Coconut Water Information.

I just opened my first young Thai coconut! I live in a rural area, and have never had easy access to them. When I was in New England this past spring, I combed Portsmouth, New Hampshire for one and couldn’t find it. I found one today….in of all places, I’m almost ashamed to say…my local Walmart! It was sitting right there in the produce department! I can’t imagine that there’s anyone else in my town who will buy them, so I may end up picking up the other 5 before the week is out. Cracking the shell was a challenge, but I managed with a big sturdy knife and a hammer. I got about 10 ounces of coconut water out of it, and scraped out the flesh to use in a smoothie tomorrow. The water was slightly sweet and refreshing.

I found this information about coconut water on

Coconut Water Information
complied by John KohlerThe English name coconut, first mentioned in English print in 1555, comes from Spanish and Portugese word coco, which means “monkey face.” Spanish and Portugese explorers found a resemblance to a monkey’s face in the three round indented markings or “eyes” found at the base of the coconut. On the Nicobar Islands of the Indian Ocean, whole coconuts were used as currency for the purchace of goods until the early part of the twentieth century.

Coconuts are the fruit of the coconut palm, botanically known as cocos nucifera, with nucifera meaning “nut-bearing.” The fruit-bearing palms are native to Malaysia, Polynesia and southern Asia, and are now also prolific in South America, India, the Pacific Islands, Hawaii and Florida. The light, fibrous husk allowed it to easily drift on the oceans to other areas to propagate. In Sanskrit,
the coconut palm is known as kalpa vriksha, meaning “tree which
gives all that is necessary for living,” since nearly all parts of the tree can be used in some manner or another. The coconut itself has many food uses, including milk, meat, sugar and oil as well as functioning as its own dish and cup. The husk was also burned for fuel by natives, but today a seed fibre called coir is taken from the husk and used to make brushes, mats, fishnets, and rope. A very potent fermented toddy or drink is also made from the coconut palm’s sap. Coconut oil, a saturated fat made from dried coconut meat, is used for commercial frying and in candies and margarines, as well as in non-edible products such as soaps and cosmetics.

Although it takes up to a year for coconuts to mature, the trees bloom up to thirteen times a year, so fruit is constantly forming
yielding a continuous harvest year-round. An average harvest from one tree runs about 60 coconuts, with some trees yielding three
times that amount. The coconut’s name is a bit of a misnomer,
since it is botanically classified as a drupe and not a nut. It is the
largest seed known.

If you’ve ever opened a fresh coconut, you will have seen the thin, opaque almost clear coconut juice or water which has a slight
almond flavor. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the coconut milk. However, the water is consumed as a drink fresh from the coconut by many, and it can also be used in recipes.

Here is some information about Coconut Water:

“It’s a natural isotonic beverage, with the same level of electrolytic balance as we have in our blood. It’s the fluid of life, so to speak.” In fact, during the Pacific War of 1941-45, both sides in the conflict regularly used coconut water – siphoned directly from the nut – to give emergency plasma trasfusions to wounded soldiers.

Most coconut water is still consumed fresh in tropical coastal areas – once exposed to air, the liquid rapidly loses most of its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics, and begins to ferment.

  • Coconut Water is More Nutritious than whole milk – Less fat and NO cholesterol!
  • Coconut Water is More Healthy than Orange Juice – Much lower calories
  • Coconut Water is Better than processed baby milk- It contains lauric acid, which is present in human mother’s milk
  • Coconut water is naturally sterile — Water permeates though the filtering husk!
  • Coconut water is a universal donor– Its identical to human blook plasma
  • Coconut Water is a Natural Isotonic Beverage – The same level we have in our blood.
  • Coconut water has saved lives in 3rd world countries thru Coconut IV.

“Coconut water is the very stuff of Nature, biologically Pure, full of Natural Sugars, Salts, and Vitamins to ward off fatigue… and is the
next wave of energy drinks BUT natural!”, according to Mortin
Satin, Chielf of the United Nation’s Food & Agriculture Organization.

Coconut water contains more potassium (at about 294 mg) than most sports drinks (117 mg) and most energy drinks.

Coconut water has less sodium (25mg) where sports drinks have around 41mg and energy drinks have about 200 mg!

Coconut water has 5mg of Natural Sugars where sports and energy drinks range from 10-25mg of Altered Sugars.

Coconut water is very high in Chloride at 118mg, compared to sports drinks at about 39mg.

Data is based on a 100ml drink.

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I found an Urban Rebounder on craigslist for $30! I pick it up on
Thursday! I’m really excited, since I’ve been reading about all the
benefits of rebounding:

It increases the capacity for breathing.
It circulates more oxygen the tissues.
It helps combat depression.
It helps normalize your blood pressure.
It helps prevent cardiovascular disease.
It increases the activity of the red bone marrow in the production of red blood cells.
It aids lymphatic circultion, as well as blood flow in the veins of the circulatory system.
It lowers elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
It stimulates the metabolism, thereby reducing the likelihood of obesity.
It tones up the glandular system, especially the thyroid to increase its output.
It improves coordination throughout the body.
It promotes increased muscle fiber tone.
It offers relief from neck and back pains, headaches, and other pain caused by lack of exercise.
It enhances digestion and elimination.
It allows for easier relaxation and sleep.
It results in a better mental performance, with sharper learning processes.
It relieves fatigue and menstrual discomfort for women.
It minimizes the number of colds, allergies, disturbances, and abdominal problems.
It tends to slow down aging.

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The 10-Step Life Renewal Plan.

Ask yourself these questions to figure out what’s working, reject what’s not, and move toward your best decade yet.

1. Does the way you spend your time reflect what’s important to you? Make a list of your top five priorities – marriage, children, volunteer work, and so on – and track how many hours you devote to each in a week. If any numbers are too low, recalculate your time budget so you can live according to who you want to be.

2. Does your Blackberry get more attention than your family and friends? Resolve to switch off your gadgets during private moments so you can nourish personal connections with complete focus.

3. Are you nursing a grudge or two? Let bygones be bygones, and free yourself from the emotions that weigh you down.

4. Who should be in your life? Phase out any so-called friends who offer only criticism and negative energy. Surround yourself with people you admire, who believe in you and want you to succeed.

5. Have you typecast yourself? You may cherish your responsibilities as a mother, but “Mom” is not the whole of who you are. Ask yourself if one role is draining all your energy, leaving other expressions of your authentic self unfulfilled.

6. What battle are you fighting? Is your husband really the one who’s letting you down, or are you blaming him for the pain of a past relationship? Are you doing what’s best for your kid, or are you parenting with a chip on your shoulder left over from your own childhood? Remember: You are not a prisoner of your legacy.

7. How can you live greener?
Can you swap your gas guzzler for public transportation? Trade plastic bottles for a thermos? Go meatless once a week? Pinpoint changes you can make now.

8. What are your goals? Define specific goals with measurable outcomes and assign yourself a timeline. Passion and will-power alone won’t cut it – you need a strategy.

9. Who is standing in your way? The answer may be you. Reject self-loathing and treat yourself with the kindness and respect you would show your best friend.

10. What one thing can you do for yourself every day? It could be as simple as finding 20 minutes to take a bath (my wife,
Robin, swears by that.) Every day is a new opportunity to pay attention to your own needs and make choices you feel good about. This decade, claim the right to minister to yourself.

- The Oprah Magazine, written by Dr. Phillip C. McGraw, PhD

Is there anything you would add to this list?

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Rule #1: Eat Food.

I just got my copy of Michael Pollan’s “Food Rules”, and I’ve been reading the “rules” out loud to my family. If you can believe it, my children are really interested!  “What’s the next one, mom?”

He sums it all in 7 words. “Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”
Part one of the book is the “What should I eat” part. Rule #1 is “Eat Food”. He sums it up by saying that most items in the supermarket don’t really qualify as food because they are highly processed. He states that much of the challenge of choosing food today lies in choosing real food and not these “industrial novelties.”

Have you read the book? What would your #1 food rule be?

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A common complaint I hear, and something I struggle with myself, is  “I try to eat well, but my cravings are out of control”. Cravings can be a problem for many people, but they can also help you understand what your body needs. Joshua Rosenthal, the Founder and Director of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, offers his perspective on the main causes of cravings.
1. Dehydration 
The body doesn’t send the message that you are thirsty until you are on the verge of dehydration. Dehydration occurs as mild hunger, so the first thing to do when you get a strange craving is to drink a full glass of water.
2. Lifestyle
Being dissatisfied with a relationship, having an inappropriate exercise routine (too much, too little, or the wrong type), being bored, stressed, uninspired by a job or lacking a spiritual practice can all contribute to emotional eating. Eating can be used as a substitute for entertainment or to fill the void.
3. Yin/Yang Imbalance 
Certain foods have more yin qualities (expanding) while others foods have more yang qualities (contractive). Eating foods that are either extremely yin or extremely yang causes cravings in order to reestablish balance. For example, eating a diet too rich in sugar (yin) may cause a craving for meat (yang).

4. Inside Coming Out
Oftentimes, cravings come from foods that we have recently eaten, foods eaten by our ancestors or foods from our childhood. A clever way to satisfy these cravings is to eat a healthier version of one’s ancestral or childhood foods.
5. Seasonal
Often the body craves foods that balance out the elements of the season. In the spring, people crave detoxifying foods like leafy greens or citrus foods. In the summer, people crave cooling foods like fruit, raw foods and ice cream, and in the fall people crave grounding foods like squash, onions and nuts. In winter many crave hot and heat-producing foods like meat, oil and fat. Other cravings, such as turkey, eggnog or sweets, can also be associated with the holiday season.

6. Lack of Nutrients 
If the body is getting an inadequate amount of nutrients, it will produce odd cravings. For example, inadequate mineral levels produce salt cravings, and overall inadequate nutrition produces cravings for non-nutritional forms of energy like caffeine.

7. Hormones 
When women experience menstruation, pregnancy or menopause, fluctuating testosterone and estrogen levels may cause unusual cravings.
8. De-evolution
When things are going extremely well, sometimes a self-sabotage syndrome happens, where we suddenly crave foods that throw us off balance. We then have more cravings to balance ourselves. This often happens from low blood sugar and may result in strong mood swings.
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